Setting the right Role Permissions are vital in order to allow a Team Member access to the Cooperate Platform. 

Role Permissions define what features a Team Member has access to as well as what they can do within those features. 

Only administrators and those with access to Team Member settings can update and create Role Permissions. 

Administrators can access all features of the Cooperate Platform and other Team member's access. 

Role Permissions are created around the following platform features 

  • Projects 
  • Calendar
  • Asset Manager 
  • Brand Manager
  • General Settings 

Creating a New Role 

To edit an existing user's permissions

  1. Head to Team Members under Settings
  2. Select the Role Permissions tab 
  3. Select Create new role 
  4. Give your Role a Title and a Description
  5. Select Save

Updating Access within a Role Permission

When you come into the Role, you'll see the Role details and the features along the side. 

To allow access to any feature, you will need to toggle the feature on first. You can then define what they can do within that feature. 

Project Permissions

Project Activities - Allow them to create new Projects 

Project Settings - Allow access to settings within Projects, update the settings and delete Projects

Status Board - Allow access to the status board as well as full use

Tip: To manage specific Project access, you will need to do this at the Team Member or Team level. Teams allow you to assign the same permissions to Projects to multiple Team members. Find out how Teams work here

By default, all team members will have an edit level of access to Projects. 

Calendar Permissions

You can allow access to the Calendar by toggling on. Anyone with Calendar access can use all of its features

Asset Manager Permissions 

Assets - Allow them to upload, download, edit and delete Assets 

Licences - Allow them to view licenses, Edit and Delete them

Style Guides - Allow them to view Style Guides, Edit and Delete them

Asset Settings - Allow them to view Labels & Collections settings, Edit and Delete them

Brand Manager Permissions 

Brands, Personas, Products, Markets, Channels - Allow users to view. create and edit, and delete

Assign a New Team Member to a Role  

There are two ways to do this. 

Through the Role Permission 

  1. Open the Role you want to add them to 
  2. Select + Add team member
  3. Find the Team Member you want to add 
  4. Select Add Team Member

Through the individual Team Member

  1. Open the Team Members list
  2. Edit the Team Member
  3. Select the Role dropdown
  4. Select the Role you want to assign them to
  5. Select Update 

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