You can add multiple users at once through the Invite Users section or you can bulk import users using a CSV file. 

Inviting Users 

  1. Select Invite User from the top menu 
  2. Select the areas of access you wish to give the user (Note: This can be chaned at any time. You will need to select at least one section for the user to access the platform. See User Permissions)  
  3. You can also assign them to a group with permission that are already set (See Group Permissions)
  4. Add their First Name, Last Name and Email 
  5. If you want to add more than one user, you can select Add More 
  6. Click Submit.

The user will receive a welcome email with a temporary password and a link to the platform. 

(Note: you can edit the welcome email under templates)

The user will be asked to reset their password and can edit their profile

Bulk Import 

Bulk importing users will invite users to the platform.

  1. Select Bulk Import from the top menu 
  2. Or Select Import Users 
  3. Select their Platform Access or Assign them to a group
  4. Upload a CSV file 
  5. Note: There must be three columns (firstname, lastname, email) in your CSV file. The first row will be assumed as heading and will determine column order.
  6. Select Submit 

All users will receive a welcome email and you will be notified by email when the import process is completed. 

See Also: Adding new users

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