The fundamental unit of a Planner or Campaign Board are tasks. Tasks are used to represent (you guessed it) tasks but it can also be something like an idea, a piece of content or an event. 

Just click “Add a task” at the bottom of any list or at the top of a board, and give it a name like “Create a landing page” or “Shareholder meeting.”

Tasks can hold a wide variety of useful information by clicking on them. Drag and drop tasks across lists to show progress. Anyone who is assigned to a task will receive a notification when you update it, so it's the perfect way to keep your team up to date. 

What's in a Task? 

Tasks represent your marketing tasks and ideas, keeping all the important information in one spot so you can increase visibility and collaboration. 

The Cooperate Platform allows you to customise a wide variety of useful information that can be incorporated into the task such as:

  • Title and Description
  • Task Assignee 
  • Labels
  • Due Dates and Time Estimates
  • Keywords
  • Channels
  • Brands, Products, Markets and Personas 
  • Attachments and checklists

You can add comments and tag users using @name. 

You can also link out to your activities in other parts of the platform such as: 

  • Assets 

Get ready to enjoy streamlining and coordinating your marketing operations. No more content duplication or manual processes.

Don't forget to try out the Master Calendar too, an easy way to see your tasks by date. 

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