The fundamental part of a Project are tasks. Tasks are used to represent (you guessed it) tasks but it can also be something like an idea, a piece of content or an event. 

Just click “Add a task” at the bottom of any list or at the top of a board, and give it a name like “Create a landing page” or “Shareholder meeting.”

Tasks can hold a wide variety of useful information by clicking on them. Drag and drop tasks across lists to show progress. Anyone who is assigned to a task will receive a notification when you update it, so it's the perfect way to keep your team up to date. 

What's in a Task? 

Tasks represent your marketing tasks and ideas, keeping all the important information in one spot so you can increase visibility and collaboration. 

The Cooperate Platform allows you to customise a wide variety of useful information that can be incorporated into the task such as:

  • Title and Description
  • Task Assignee 
  • Labels
  • Due Dates
  • Priority
  • Channels
  • Brands, Products, Markets and Personas 
  • Attachments and checklists

You can add comments and tag users using @name. 

You can also link out to your marketing Assets within the platform.

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