The Social funnel is a really powerful way for you to leverage user generated content across a variety of different social platforms.

The reason it is so powerful, is it enables you to pull in a large amount of content from a number of different platforms and then purpose that content and push it out or a landing page or website of your choice. So this is pretty handy when it comes to running a competition or an event. Likewise, it's great for maximising your social reach for a campaign or viral hashtags. 

For a visual overview of the steps, check out this video: 

The social funnel enables you to easily aggregate, curate and publish social content from any #hashtag or @handle.

Enrich your brand content with relevant social content from thought leaders, customers and influencers.

To give the social funnel a try, simply connect your social accounts (this is for authorisation, nothing will be posted on your behalf) and create your first social funnel. 

If you're stuck for inspiration try #seeaustralia (Instagram), The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (YouTube) and @theonion (Twitter).

Note: If you cant see the social funnel in the menu, it might not be turned on in your plan. If you’d like to have a play, get in touch with your cooperate account manager and we can set you up with a free trial. 

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