Let's get started with a new Article. Here you'll find the basics of creating and publishing a new article. Watch the video with Tom Spencer, Head of Services at Cooperate, or follow the written steps below.

Creating an Article

  1. Select the Content dropdown in the main navigation 
  2. Select New Article


  1. Open the Article List
  2. Then select + New Article

This will present you with the "New Article" screen 

The Basics

Article Title

Every article requires a title. This is also sometimes called a headline. This article title will show as the headline to wherever you publish.

Feature Image

You can add in an image by clicking on the blue image icon in the middle of the screen or the blue plus icon at the bottom right. You can upload images straight from your computer or find something in the Asset Manager. 

Body Copy

This is where you'll flesh out your content. Cooperate platform uses the widely used CKEditor for content editing. You can embed media from a URL or from your asset manager.

Preview and Save 

To preview your content, simply click on the preview icon. Note this is different depending on your implementation, please check with your account manager for specific details.

If you haven't published the article yet, selecting save will keep your article in draft mode. If it has been published and you want to save your updates, select publish. Or you can revert it to a draft, this will remove the article from your site. 


Finally, the bottom of the article screen shows the various publishing settings for articles including: date to be published, section, author and if the story is part of a workflow.

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