Adding a Task 

You have two ways of adding a Task

  1. In the top right hand corner select the dropdown
  2. Select Task or 
  3. At the bottom of any list select Add Task

Editing a Task 

To edit a Task 

  1. Select the task you wish to edit on your board. 
  2. This opens the Task settings
  3. To edit a task title, select the editing icon above the title
  4. To edit the description, select 'Edit', update the description
  5. Then press preview, below the description copy
  6. Then select 'Update' on the task

Tip: or any changes on the task, e.g Labels, Channels or Content, you will need to select 'Update' after you have made changes in order for them to save.

Deleting a Task

Deleting a task removes the task permanently. Any checklists, descriptions and comments on the task will be removed. To delete a task permanently: 

  1. Select the task you wish to delete on your board. 
  2. This opens the Task
  3. Select the 'Delete' button

Archiving a Task 

Archiving a Task will remove a task from the Planner Board, but will not delete them or their content permanently. 

To archive a Task:

  1. Open a Task
  2. Select the 'Archive' button

To find an archived Task and Unarchive it 

  1. On the Board the Task was archived, look at the top dropdown menus
  2. By default, one of the dropdown options will say 'Non Archived'
  3. Select this dropdown, then select 'Archived'
  4. The Board will then show all Tasks that have been Archived
  5. To Unarchive the task, open it and select 'Archived'

Archived Tasks will remain archived indefinitely. Unless you or another user chooses to delete the Task or send them back to the board at any time, they won't be deleted automatically. 

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