A checklist is a way of keeping track of subtasks within a Task. You can add multiple checklists to a single task


  1. Add Checklists via the "+" button next to ‘Checklist’ on any Task 
  2. In the popup, give your checklist a name and select ‘Save
  3. Select ‘Add item’ to add an item in the checklist
  4. Enter the item description and select ‘Save’ or to cancel is press ‘X’
  5. Add as many as you like 

Completing and Editing

  • Mark an item as complete or incomplete by clicking the checkbox to the left of the title. 
  • Rename a checklist by clicking the edit icon on the top right corner of the checklist
  • Rename a checklist item by clicking the title, changing the text, and clicking save. 
  • You can reorder a checklist item by dragging.


  • Delete an entire checklist by clicking the trash icon on the top right corner of the checklist
  • Delete a checklist item by hovering over the item and selecting the trash icon

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