To add a Team Member to a Task

  1. Open a new or existing Task 
  2. Under the 'Task Assignee' dropdown, select the users you would like to link to the Task
  3. Select Done 
  4. You can add as many team members as you like to a task

Note: You do not need to update the task for the assignee to save. When you add a user, they will immediately receive a notification informing them they have been added to a task. 

Removing a user

  1. To remove a user, select the Task Assignee dropdown 
  2. Uncheck the user 
  3. Select Done 
  4. They will no longer receive notifications 

Adding a user to a task means they will receive notifications for the following:

  • All comments 
  • Adding, editing, and updating of tasks
  • Status updates and archives

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