To use the Social Funnel, you'll need to first connect your social accounts (this is for authorisation, nothing will be posted on your behalf). 

Creating a Social Funnel:

  1. Under the 'Content' dropdown in the main Cooperate navigation, select 'Social Funnel'
  2. Select the 'Social Funnel' option from the top menu
  3. Select the button 'Add Funnel' in the top right hand side
  4. Give your funnel a title 

Next, you can choose the type of content you want to pull into your funnel and where it'll be going 

  1. Select 'Add sections'
  2. Select the blog or website you would like your funnel to feed to.
  3. Select 'Add selected'
  4. To add content, you'll first need to choose the type of social platform you'll be using
  5. Choose the “Select Type” dropdown
  6. Select the platform you would like to use e.g. Twitter or Facebook
  7. In the next text box, you'll need to enter a hashtag or social handle you would like to appear in the funnel

If you're stuck for inspiration try #seeaustralia (Instagram), The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (YouTube) and @theonion (Twitter).

Choose how you want the content to display, by default all social content will be marked as moderate. This means you'll be able to check the content before it is published to its destination. 

If you'd like your content to be published without checking first:

  1. Select the ‘Moderate’ dropdown
  2. Select 'Publish'

Finally, to add your Social Funnel, select the ‘+’ button

Your Social Funnel will be added below. You can further customise the social content by choosing the type of content you want to come in. 

  1. Select the dropdown box 'Any'
  2. Choose from, Text Only, Image Only, or Image/Video

Next, you'll need to attach the funnel to a specific landing page.

Once added - select ‘Moderate’ and on the left hand side select the social funnel you want to view

Note: Only social posts that have been created after you created a funnel will appear - the funnel will not be able to pull in previous posts

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