One of the great things about the Cooperate platform is that it enables you and your team to plan, manage, create and publish all of your content from one central location.

You can connect as many different sites as you would like to Cooperate, regardless of the type of CMS. You can have sites on Drupal, Wordpress, Sitecore or even our own Cooperate CMS.

For a visual overview of the steps, check out this video: 

To distribute one article to a number of different websites and social accounts:

  1. Open an article
  2. Select 'Distribute to' from the top menu
  3. To add a new site section, select 'Add'
  4. The websites and landing pages you have connected to Cooperate will appear
  5. Select the dropdown of the site you want to send your content to
  6. Check the box of each page or section you want to add it to
  7. Then select ‘Add Selected’
  8. You can now see all the sites your Article will publish to
  9. Select 'Publish Article' at the bottom of your screen

Creating a social post directly from an Article

Once an article has been published, you can push it to social:

See video from 2.25

  1. Distribute to
  2. Under social sharing, select ‘add’
  3. This creates a new social post, based on the content and imagery used in the article
  4. All you need to do is select the plus
  5. Select the social account you would like to publish the article to
  6. You can edit and change the copy as you wish
  7. On the right hand side you’ll see a preview
  8. To make it live, select either schedule or 
  9. Add it to a preset queue by selecting post next or Post Now
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