Each connected faculty site has a range of publishing settings that must be attended to prior to publishing a story there. These settings are available on the "distribute to" tab of the article editing screen. Note if they are listed as required fields, these are needed in order to publish the story to this site.

These are outlined below:


Newsroom has the largest number of custom fields. Select each as required.

Topic: Set your article topic here. This is a required field.

Email Alert:  Set this to yes, if you would like an email to be sent out once this is published.

Opinion Check Box:  if this is an opinion piece, check this box

Media Contact: Fill in the relevant media contact details. Note this will be integrated into the cooperate system as a custom set of data so in future it won't be required to fill out each field.

Art and Design

Administrative Group: This field is not displayed to users on the article in the art and design website, but categories content in the Drupal system

Label: Select a label, this is a text field that you can enter and it passes that over to the Art and Design website to be published.

Built Environment

Event Type: This defines the content type for the drupal site.
Audience: Select the key audience to populate this field.
Discipline: Select a section/Discipline to post to.
Research Program: and add in the relevant research program.


Article Type: This denotes the type of story when pushed to Engineering.
this field pushes the article to the correct section in the engineering area


Science does not have any custom fields to be set when distributing to this site.


The custom fields for medicine are:

Categories: This posts the story to the correct area of the medicine site.
Research Tag: This allocates a research tag to the story.
Contact Name and Phone: This inserts the relevant contact for the story at the bottom of the content for this site.

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