The Cooperate platform includes an asset management system which you can locate in the top menu and selecting Assets.

Find the asset you’re after and click into it. When the asset is open you can see all of its details and a full preview

When you scroll below the preview of the asset, select the cloud with a down arrow (this is the download button).

A new window will open with a number of different options. 

You can crop the image by dropping and dragging the square around, then selecting Download Selection. Or entering particular dimensions and selecting Download 

Or you can download the original file that was uploaded,  by selecting Download Original, which will be your highest resolution option. 

Once downloaded it will automatically save to your downloads folder on your computer. 

When you scroll back up on that particular asset at the top of the screen you'll see a box called Download. 

The number refers to how many times the asset has been downloaded, 

If you click on the information icon next to it. You'll see the details of when that asset was downloaded and who by.

This simply keeps an audit trail for you of exactly how your assets are being used. 

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