The aim of Customer Journey-Driven Marketing is to build actionable customer journeys that are designed to achieve your business objectives, executing all of your global marketing activity and sales enablement through this framework to deliver better results from your marketing investment.

Interactive, personalised and relevant Customer Journeys 

Cooperate is the #1 Customer Journey-Driven Marketing platform. With our latest release we’ve made it even easier to drive more sales through the customer journey by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time – from a single platform. 

By aligning your business objectives, global marketing activity, and sales enablement content to customer journeys, you can achieve better results from your investment.

We’re really excited about helping you deliver customer journey driven marketing and sales. Here are our latest features:

1. Guided setup

New journeys will be greeted with a guided setup process. This ensures you tick all the customer journey boxes, as quickly as possible.

2. Templates

We've also included example stages in the Customer Journey library, so when you create a new journey in the Cooperate platform you can choose any of these stages to use or customise in order to build a journey that suits your business needs. 

3. Filter

Filter journeys to see what's relevant to you and your team. Don’t use campaigns? That’s cool. Want to know where the sales team come into the journey? Done. Each user can filter their view of a journey to suit their needs. 

4. Gap Analysis

Find out what your journey is missing. Run a gap analysis to get a clear picture of how your marketing activity is meeting customer needs and driving customer actions at each stage (and where it isn't).

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