Wanting to create an article?  Here's how to do it

Once you have created your article scroll down to the bottom and select the Primary Section dropdown.

Here, you'll see the different sections of the site that your article can appear in.  

If you choose a primary section (in the below example, Health Insights), but not a sub-section (in the below example, Energy, Cognitive Health or Digestive Health) it will publish to that primary section page. 

If you choose a sub-section, it will publish to that page but not the primary section page.

Making an Article appear on multiple pages

If you would like the article to show on multiple pages (e.g. the Health Insights page and Energy Page) 

  1. Open the Article
  2. Select Distribute to from the top menu
  3. Under Site Sections select Add
  4. Tick the box on the pages you would like the article to appear 
  5. Then select Add Selected
  6. Ensure you then Publish or Update the article for this to take effect

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