Here's how you can add images, videos and documents to the Asset Manager

  1. Select the Asset Manager from the left hand navigation
  2. In the top right screen select Add Assets
  3. Here you can upload assets from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive

You can add 20 Assets at a time and they can be images, videos or documents. 

When you've added your assets, you can organise them before uploading into the asset manager. 

You have the option of adding a keyword or tag, applying a label, placing them in a collection, or you can add a new label and collection. For more information on labels and collections, see Getting started with the Asset Manager. 

   4. Select Upload
5. When the upload is complete, it will take you back to the asset manager. If your       new assets aren't there try a hard refresh on your browser (Command + R) 

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