When you open an Asset, you can update a number of settings. 

At the top of the screen you can see how many times the asset has been used in articles, social posts, campaigns, tasks and channels. You can also see how many times it has been downloaded. 

If you select i next to the Download, you can see who has downloaded the asset and when. 

Editing an Asset

Below any asset, you'll see a variety of options. if it's an image, you can crop or remove red eye. You can also delete or download the asset here. 

Asset Reusage/Variations

You can find variations of the same asset here. For example, if someone uploads an asset that is already in the asset manager, it will stay together. If you crop an image, the variation will appear here. 

General Settings 

You can find general settings on the right menu of the asset

Collections, Labels, Keywords

Here, you can change an attach a label or put the asset in a collection. You can also assign users and keywords. Keywords are useful for when you are searching for an asset in the asset manager. 

Asset Usage

Easily see where and how the asset has been used to provide clarity on overuse or underuse of asset. All usages of an asset within the Cooperate platform will appear here.

Auto tags

One of the great features that the Asset Manager has is automatic tagging. For example, if you search for 'coffee' as a keyword, coffee images would automatically show up.

You'll see the auto tag showing on the right hand side. These are the auto tags allocated using recognition technology and they help make it a lot easier for you to be able to search your assets. 

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