In the Cooperate platform, a product page (e.g. Ginsana) has been created as an article, with numerous content blocks and calls to action (CTAs) attached to it.

To edit the content on a product page:

  1. Open the website (ensure you are logged in as a user on the Cooperate Platform) 
  2. Find the product page you'd like to edit
  3. Hover your mouse over the content.  If it's something you can change, you'll see Edit in the top corner.  Click Edit to go into the editor.
  4. This will open up the content block or CTA in the editor
  5. Ensure you click Update when finished

To find and edit the other content attached to an article:

  1. Select Connections from the top article menu 
  2. Here, you'll see all the content blocks and CTAs attached to the product page
  3. Click on any of the content blocks or CTAs to open and edit them

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