The Project Features allow users to seamlessly manage the concept, creation, creative, budgeting and tracking of your marketing activities all in one place. 

Everything from budgets, agency input and your teams recent activity. 

You can choose to include as many features as you like depending on the requirements for your Project. You have the ability to add and remove these at any time.


You'll get instant oversight across your marketing activities with a centralised dashboard. Pulling in information from each feature, including your team. 


You can attach your campaign briefs in the dedicated brief section. Assign the person responsible and keep an eye on their status. 


Assign budgets to your campaign and each individual channel. You can set the channels and overall budget in the Project Settings. 


Boards are made up of lists, tasks and labels. Lists often represent a workflow or process. Tasks move across these lists to completion. However, Planner Boards are extremely flexible. So you and your team can make it your own.


Annotate and collaborate on creative while keeping it all in one place for easy oversight. 

Give freelancers access to specific parts of your campaign, allowing them to upload their creative with unlimited storage.

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