What is Cooperate?

Cooperate is a marketing operations platform. It allows marketing teams to seamlessly plan and collaborate on all their campaigns, projects and activities in one central platform. 

With Cooperate, you can effectively manage your team’s workload, create better alignment and ensure projects are delivered on time.

Key Features


Projects are where you can plan and manage your marketing activities in one central place. Whether it's a campaign, an event, or any other kind of marketing project. They give your team, freelancers and agencies a perspective on what work is happening.

Projects are made up of individual tasks. Tasks are used to represent (you guessed it) tasks but it can also be something like an idea, a piece of content or an event.

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Most general project management platforms only allow you to view one campaign or project at a time. When you need to get insight on your work across multiple campaigns, jumping from project to project can be a real productivity killer.

Workspaces allow marketers to create curated views of what's happening across all of their projects, campaigns, team and assets.

You can create a Workspace and choose what tasks you want to pull in by using the filters. Any updates you make to Tasks in Workspaces, will also update on their original Project.

You can also choose how it is viewed, by choosing either a kanban, timeline or table view.

Workspaces are great for things like running WIPS, seeing how all your campaigns are tracking, or getting an overview of all your tasks.

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Asset Manager 

The Asset Manager allows you to store images, videos, documents and more, so you can easily connect them to Tasks and Projects within the platform.  

Our enterprise grade Asset Manager has unlimited storage and flexible ways to store and find your assets. 

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