What is Cooperate?

Cooperate is a marketing operations platform. It allows marketing teams to seamlessly plan and collaborate on all their campaigns, projects and activities in one central platform. 

With Cooperate, you can effectively manage your team’s workload, create better alignment and ensure projects are delivered on time.

Key Features


Projects are where you can plan and manage your marketing activities in one central place. Whether it's a campaign, an event, or a general workflow. 

Projects include a Dashboard, Planner Board, Relationships and a Calendar. 

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Planner Boards

Planner Boards are where marketing projects and teams get organised. They give your team, freelancers and agencies a perspective on work that's being done and what still needs to be done. 

Boards are specifically designed to help you manage day-to-day marketing activity that isn't related to campaigns. 

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Marketing Calendar 

Our goal at Cooperate is to make planning and collaborating as seamless as possible, and being able to visualise your work is an important step in the process. 

This applies to every marketer; from the manager wanting fast oversight of the marketing strategy, to the coordinator trying to set their priorities for the day.

The Calendar gives you increased clarity into where your work stands while enabling your team to move quickly. 

In the Calendar, you'll be able to oversee all your Projects and their Tasks - across Brands, Markets, Channels, Teams and more. 

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All Tasks 

When you need to know what work is due or see how a project is progressing, jumping from board to board can be a real productivity killer. All Tasks allows you to see all your tasks in one central board. 

All Tasks is much like a Master Board, you can pull in tasks from anywhere in the platform. The Team filter options make it the perfect place to run your Weekly WIP, and the Status icon on your Tasks is the simplest way to show what stage your work is in. 

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Asset Manager 

The Asset Manager allows you to store images, videos, documents and more, so you can easily connect them to Tasks and Projects within the platform.  

Our enterprise grade Asset Manager has unlimited storage and flexible ways to store and find your assets. 

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