Cooperate’s Master Calendar helps marketers effectively manage their team’s workload, create better alignment and ensure projects are delivered on time. 

In the Calendar, you'll be able to oversee Campaign Tasks and Creative, Planner Tasks and Content in the one place. 

You can also drill down on each of these activities and see what is happening across Channels, Brands, Users and Brands, with flexible Filters. 

The Master Calendar helps marketers get organised and stay on track to complete their goals.

What can I use Master Calendar for?

Manage Workload

The Master Calendar is a fantastic way to get alignment across your team to ensure work is evenly distributed and you’re completing your goals. Simply filter the calendar by user for instant oversight. 

Find out how to manage workload

Editorial Calendar

Use tasks to represent your content by including dates and channels. You'll get oversight on how where and when content is being distributed, and where it's lacking.

Create Alignment

Allow stakeholders to oversee all your activity by inviting them into the platform and having them save private filters across teams. 

What can I see in the Master Calendar? 

You can use the Calendar to visualise one or some the following activities in Cooperate: 

  • Campaigns Tasks 
  • Campaign Creative
  • Planner Tasks
  • Content

You will then need to choose how you want to view or group these. You can view by:  

  • Customer Journey
  • Channel
  • Planner Board
  • Campaign

You can also add an optional Advanced Filter, which include:   

  • Channels
  • Brands
  • Products 
  • Markets 
  • Personas

For example, If I want to see everything for Facebook and Instagram

  1. I will choose to display all Campaign Tasks, Creative, Planner Tasks and Content
  2. Filter by Channel
  3. In the Advanced Filter, select Channels: Facebook and Instagram
  4. See below for a visual guide

Master Calendar Tips

Add Dates 

The purpose of the calendar is to keep your team accountable to deadlines and accurately reflect your work load. So, it’s important to put due dates AND start dates on all your planning and content.

If a campaign or a task isn't showing in the calendar as you would expect, ensure the start and the end date has been applied. 

Add as much information as possible

The more information you add, the more you’ll get out of the Master Calendar. Add channels, products, brands and users to your tasks and content, so you can put Master Calendar’s powerful filters to work. Now you can easily ensure your activity is ticking all the boxes, with no gaps left behind. 

Plan with your Team 

The Master Calendar is a fantastic tool to make WIPs easy to prepare for and easy to run. At Cooperate, we’re using Master Calendar to ensure work is evenly distributed and that each team member is completing their goals. Master Calendar makes it easy to visualise and communicate what's on for the week. 

Cover all activities 

Ensure all your content and activity is in Cooperate. If some of your work isn't in the platform, create a personal Planner Board and use tasks to represent them. That way, you and your team have an accurate representation of all your work in the Master Calendar.

Next up: Creating a Filter in the Calendar 

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