Creating a New Filter

To create a new filter

  1. Open the Calendar
  2. Select the green + button in the top right corner 
  3. The Create New Filter option will appear
  4. Select what you want to see (Campaign Tasks, Creative, Planner Tasks and/or Content)
  5. Select how you want them to be grouped (By Campaign, Board, Channel or User) 
  6. You can also add an Advanced Filter (You might want to see everything for a specific product or Brand) but this is optional
  7. Once you're happy, select Apply New Filter 
  8. You'll need to give your filter a name 
  9. Then, you can select if it's private (just for you) or global (everyone can apply this filter) 
  10. Then select Save
  11. To see this filter, select it in the Top left dropdown and select Apply

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