Teams are ideal when trying to assign the same permission access to Projects for multiple team members. You can use Teams to represent anything from a specific marketing team or an agency. 

To Create a Team

  1. Head to the Team members section under Settings
  2. Select Teams from the top menu
  3. Select the + Create New Team 
  4. Give the Team a title (Team or Agency name)
  5. Fill in the description (This could be about the team or what permissions they have) 
  6. Choose the Team Members you want to add to the Team (or come back to this later if you haven't added them yet) 
  7. Select Save 
  8. The new Team will then appear in the list of Teams 
  9. You'll then need to go in and Update their Team Access 

Updating Team Access to Projects 

  1. Find the Team you'd like to Update, then select the Edit icon
  2. Select the Team Access tab 
  3. If there are no Projects added, select Add Project 

4. A list of all your Projects will appear, select the Projects you want the Team to access 

5. Scroll down and select Add

The Projects will be added and by default, will have Edit Rights. 

You can change these at an individual Project level or you can bulk update the access level to those Projects by selecting Bulk update Access

You can find information about the levels of access here

Pro Tip: By default, individual Team Members have edit rights to all Projects except those that are Private. By adding a user to a Team, this will override their edit access to the Projects set within that Team.

Teams only allow you to manage Project access. To manage access to other areas of the platform see, Role Permissions. 

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