You can customise what your tasks look like and the information they include with Task Templates. Even better, you can also create your own custom fields.

What is a Task Template?

Standard Tasks in the Projects section of the Cooperate platform already have the Task Details section set out for you. These include, Task Assignee, Labels, Priority, Due Date, Channels and Brands. 

But sometimes, this information isn't always relevant to the task at hand. Or you might need more information. Task Templates allow you to design your own task and the details it asks for. 

It's the perfect way to brief in content and ensure everyone is providing the correct information.

What are custom fields?

Custom fields let you add additional data to Tasks in Projects. You can create a field for things like for approval stages, content theme, cost, or anything else that’s important to your workflow, team, and company. This lets individuals have clarity on work happening across their organisation. 

See below, this user has used Task Templates to create a Content Briefing form for their design team. The custom fields they created are New or Updated Asset, Asset Type and the Team Requesting Task. 

What are some examples of custom fields? 

Here are examples of how teams are already using custom fields:

  • Content teams can create their editorial calendar, with custom fields for content type, stage and theme.
  • Design teams can track creative requests, with custom fields for type of asset, channel, team requesting and the campaign it relates to. 
  • Event teams can plan events with custom fields for suppliers, event type, cost and industry. 

How are Task Templates and Custom Fields used?

Custom fields are part of task templates. You can create a task template and select what fields you want to appear on your tasks (Task Dates, Channels, Task Assignee), as well as create custom fields that suit you and your team. 

When you go to create a task in either a Project Board, you can use a Task Template you've previously created. You can also make a Task Templates a 'default', so it will always look that way when you first create a task. 

What types of Custom Fields can I create? 

We have a variety of Custom Fields available. These are: 

  • Dropdown
  • Text Field
  • Multi Select Dropdown
  • Users
  • Date/Timeframe

See: Creating Custom Fields

Creating a new Task Template

  1. Go to Settings > Templates
  2. Select Task Templates from the top menu
  3. Select + New
  4. Give your template a Title and select Save

Here, you'll be able to design exactly what your task looks like and the details they include. 

For more information see: Creating and Customising a Task Template. 

Adding a Custom Field 

You can choose between a Text Field or a Dropdown. 

Once you've created a Task Template, you can add custom fields.

We have a variety of Custom Fields available. These are: 

  • Dropdown
  • Text Field
  • Multi Select Dropdown
  • Users
  • Date/Timeframe

For more information see: Creating a Custom Field

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