The Cooperate platform already have the Task Details section set out for you. 

But sometimes, this information isn't always relevant to the task at hand. Or you might need more information. 

Task Templates allow you to design your own task and the details it asks for. You can use the default fields Cooperate has already, or you can create your own with Custom Fields. 

When you go to create a task, you can choose what Template you want to use.

You can also make a Task Templates a 'default' on a Project, so it will always use that Template when you create a Task.

Creating a new Task Template

  1. Go to Settings > Templates
  2. Select Task Templates from the top menu
  3. Select + New Template
  4. Give your template a Title and select Save

Here, you'll be able to design exactly what your task looks like and the details they include. 

Choosing the Title and Description

When you write in the Title and Description, these will automatically populate with whatever you've written when someone uses the Task Template. 

However, these can be changed and deleted after they've created the task. 

Adding a Task Fields

In the Edit Fields section Select + Add 

You can choose what fields will appear on the task including: 


  • Task Dates
  • Priority
  • Channels
  • Assignee
  • Labels
  • Time Estimation
  • Brand / Product / Markets / Personas 
  • Custom Fields

See Also:

Changing the Order of Fields

Fields will appear on the task in the order they appear in the template. If you'd like to change the order, 

  1. Hover over the field you'd like to move
  2. Select the up and down arrow. 

Deleting a Field

To delete a field

  1. Hover over the field you'd like to delete
  2. Select the Trash icon 

Mandatory Task Fields

You can make some task fields mandatory. For example, when a user creates a task using the template, you might want to make it mandatory for them to assign someone to the task. 

To do this, simply select the toggle button on next to the field you wish to make mandatory

Checklists, Attachments & Relationships

You can also add a default checklist that appears every time someone uses the template, as well as attachments and any of the Cooperate Platform relationships. 

Default Task Templates

When creating a Task Template, you'll see the Default option at the top. 

Default means any time someone creates a Task in a Planner Board or a Campaign, it will automatically use that Task Template. You can only have one default template. 

If it's not set to default, users can select it as an option for a task template from the dropdown.

Active Templates

You can make Task Templates Active or Inactive by opening the template and selecting Yes or No under Active.

Inactive means it won't appear as an option when someone creates a task. 

Using a Task Template 

To apply the Task Template

  1. Create a new Task
  2. The Task Template dropdown will appear at the top
  3. Select the Template you'd like to use 
  4. Select Create Task 

Note: You can only apply Templates to new Tasks. Once a task has been created, you cannot apply a template to it. 

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