1. Invite your team 

First thing's first, let's get your team setup. 

Whether you're adding one user, your entire team or freelancers. There are a few different ways to add users to the Platform. 

Learn how to add new users.

2. Communicate in context 

Say goodbye to email trails. Chat within tasks, share files and stay updated on work in progress. 


Dedicated comments section on a task allows you to engage in a conversation with your team. You can mention people in comments by using "@" followed by the user's name. 


The mentioned user(s) will get a notification about the comment by email or within the platform depending on their notification settings.

They'll also receive notifications on activity within tasks that are assigned to them, so you can ensure they're up to date on everything. 


Cooperate provides annotation capabilities to allow users to collaborate and review an individual asset. 

3. Create a variety of approval processes 

Run a soft approval process with boards or a hard approval process with workflows. 

Design your own flexible workflow, add comments to each stage and let everyone know when you've finished your part. 

Any user that has been assigned against a stage in a workflow will automatically see an approval show up in their dashboard list.

4. Stay on top of workload 

The Master Calendar is a fantastic way to get alignment across your team to ensure work is evenly distributed and you’re completing your goals. 

By creating a team view you can see exactly what they're working on and when. Master Calendar makes it easy to visualise and communicate what's on for the week, so you can use this as a basis for your WIPs. 

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