We recently announced our Custom Fields feature, which helps teams get organised and track their work according to their organisation's needs. 

To help make this feature even more useful, we've made a few updates: 

  • Create Custom Field Templates to use across Task Templates and Assets 
  • Display and capture custom field information in assets and when uploading assets
  • Two more custom field types: Number field and Multi Users
  • Allow Assets to inherit custom field information from Tasks 

What's changed about Custom Fields? 

We introduced Custom Fields within Task Templates. Allowing you to create a one-off Custom Field when you're in the midst of creating a Task Template. 

However, sometimes you want the same field across a number of different tasks. That's why we have given Custom Fields its own dedicated section. 

Creating a Custom Field in here means they will stay saved in Cooperate so you can quickly add them to any Task Template. 

It also allows you to apply them to Assets and the Asset Manager. Which means you can create a much more flexible taxonomy to keep things organised according to your team. 

You can access your Custom Field Templates when you go into Settings > Templates > Custom Fields

Once you've created a custom field, you'll be asked where you would like to use them. Apply all that are relevant. 

You'll see the ability to use the fields when you create a new Task Template, Upload Assets or in the Asset Manager.

See more: Creating a Custom Field

Custom Fields and Asset Uploader 

Creating a custom field and applying it to your Asset Uploader, allows you to apply additional data to your Assets as soon as you add them to the Platform. 

As you'll see below, Cooperate has added the Custom Fields 'Asset Type' and 'Asset Owner' so anyone uploading a new Asset can apply this information. You can also make these mandatory. 

These fields will also appear in your Asset Manager. 

Asset and Tasks 

This can also be done when you're adding assets through the task function. Any custom fields data applied to the task, will automatically be inherited to the Assets you upload to that task. That way, you can ensure your assets are aligned to your work. 

New fields: 

Number Field  

Add a field just for numbers (think budgets or job numbers).  

Multi Users 

Add a multi user Custom Field so you can involve multiple users to a task (that aren't just the assignee). 

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