What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields let you add additional data to Tasks, Assets and your Asset Manager. This lets individuals have clarity on work happening across their organisation. 

You can create a field for approval stages, asset owners, budget, or anything else that’s important to your workflow, team, and company. 

To Create a Custom Field 

  1. Open Settings > Templates > Custom Fields 
  2. Select + Add Field
  3. Select the type of Custom Field you'd like to use 
  4. Fill in the relevant information
  5. If you would like this field to be mandatory, select on for the mandatory toggle
  6. Select Save

Once you've created a new field, you'll be taken to a new screen where you can choose where you want the custom field to appear. 


This will allow you to add the Custom Field to your Task Templates. This is perfect if it's a Custom Field you use across your organisation, if you have a lot of Task Templates or if there is a lot of data in the field.

Note: Selecting Tasks will not add them to all tasks. You will need to add them to an existing Task Template or create a new one.


This will allow the Custom Field to appear in the Asset Manager. 

Asset Upload 

This will ensure the fields appear when you go to upload Assets. Users who upload Assets can apply the data from the fields right then and there. 

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