In the past, we’ve found a way for customers to get the best out of their trial is by planning out their work week in Cooperate. 

It’s the quickest and easiest way to find value in the platform and to get a complete overview of your marketing activity. 

Here are the steps we suggest. Allow 1-2 hours for setup 

1. Centralise your marketing activity with a Planner Board 

Using the Marketing Activity Template in Planner section, or by duplicating the one already in your account, you can get started with a Planner Board

Use tasks to represent what you are working on and any looming deadlines. Be sure to add relevant labels, you can customise these to suit your team. 

2. Add your current and upcoming Campaigns 

Using Projects, add all your current and upcoming campaigns. You don’t have to fill in everything but key dates and channels should be added.

3. Make your key Assets accessible 

Upload the assets and documents that you’ll be need and link these to the relevant tasks. 

4. Collaborate with your team

Invite your team and ask them to put in their work on the same board.

5. Get oversight with the Calendar 

Now that you've added all your activities, it's time to see how they look on the Marketing Calendar. 

6. Work better together 

Try to run your week through the platform as best you can. Use tasks and our commenting function to communicate, send documents via the Asset Manager, plan an upcoming campaign in the campaign manager.  

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