We are very excited to announce we have released a number of new features and updates to the Cooperate Platform. From planning to automation, you'll find a short summary below. 

If you'd like to learn more or organise a walkthrough with your team, feel free to book in with our Customer Success Team

Projects replace Boards and Campaigns 

We've made planning easier and more flexible with our release of Projects. A consolidation of Campaigns and Planning Boards, create Events, Campaigns, or more general Planning areas with the ability to choose your focus.

These updates include: 

  • A central dashboard for all your Projects (Campaigns and Planning Boards) in both a list and grid view
  • A favourites menu - allowing faster access to Projects you're working on
  • A range of ways to filter and sort your Projects including - Recently viewed, Assigned to me and Status
  • Choose what features to include in your project including - Planner Board, Dashboard, Creative, Briefs and Budget
  • The ability to create your own Project 'Type' and standardise this for your Team, or choose one of ours 
  • Ability to set the default view on your Project

New Feature: Status Board 

We have created the Status Board as well as automation abilities for your workflow.

The Status Board is the easiest way to view and plan all your Tasks in one place. By creating a flow of statuses and assigning these to lists throughout your boards, Tasks will appear in a central Master Board and update as you move them.

Features include: 

  • Move your Tasks through the Status Board and they’ll automatically update across the different team or individual boards
  • Drill down by Team, Date or Custom Fields so you can get a complete picture of everyone’s capacity at a glance. Then prioritise, quickly and efficiently
  • Assign more granular statuses to your Lists and your Tasks will automatically update as you move them
  • Customise your workflow to suit your organisation

Update: Permissions and Team

You'll notice an update to the User management area of the platform. Now called Team Members, we have implemented a much more flexible and simplified version of permissions.

This update allows you to add new team members, or teams, and assign them a preset Role. This means faster onboarding, as well as the ability to be more granular with permission sets across all areas of the platform.

These updates include: 

  • The ability to create and customise 'Roles' 
  • Teams replace Groups
  • View, Create and Delete permission levels across all features of the platform
  • The ability to create 'Teams' that set specific access to Projects
  • Admin, Edit and Comment permission levels to Projects and Boards

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