What is a Project? 

A Project is the core planning area for your marketing activities, such as Campaigns and Events.

Projects allow you to organise all of the tasks, assets, briefs and core information that are related to a specific initiative, goal, or piece of work.

Creating a Project 

To create a project head to the Planning area in the menu and select Projects.

In the top right corner select, + New Project

Here, you'll be able to

  • Name your Project
  • Choose your icon colour by selecting the arrow 
  • Favourite the Project by selecting the star
  • Add a description (optional)

Choosing your Project Type 

A Project Type will determine what features your Project has. Cooperate offers 3 types - Campaign, Planner and Event. 

You can also create your own Project Type for future use across your organisation. 

Project Features 

You can select the relevant features required for your Project. These are:

  • Board 
  • Dashboard
  • Briefs
  • Creative
  • Budget

Read more: Project Features

You'll then choose the default view for your Project, this is the first screen you see every time you open your Project. 

You can change your features and default view at any time. 

Making a Project Private

You can choose to make your Project Private in the last step. This means only Teams or Team Members that have been added to the Project will be able to see it. This excludes those with Administrator rights. 

When you're ready to create your Project, select Create Project 

Project Settings 

There are additional settings that might need to be adjusted once you're ready to start adding people to your Project. To find these select the ... next to your Project name and select Edit

Edit Project


There are two Timeframes you can use 

BAU - This is Business as Usual and doesn't have a select timeframe, this is useful for activities that are always occurring such as Content Planning or Weekly WIPS

Set Timeframe - The set Timeframe is for anything that has a start and end date, such as a Campaign. 

Live Date - The live date is optional and refers to when your campaign is set to go live. In this case, the Start Date is the day your campaign planning starts. 


You can add your Project to a Collection to make organisation easier. 

Brands, Markets, Products and Personas 

Select any Brands, Markets, Products or Personas your Project relate to. 

Allow inherit Brands, Markets, Products and Personas 

This means any Task or Creative you add to your Project, will automatically be tagged with the Brands, Markets, Products and Personas you chose in the previous step.

Project Code 

You can create your own Project code if this is required within your organisation. 


Select all the Channels this Project relate to. This will be reflected in the Budget feature. 


This is your entire Project budget. You can specify the budget allocation in the Budget feature. 


Any keywords relating to your Project that will make easier to search for later.

Team Members

You can then add any Teams or Team members to your Project and set their permissions.

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