When you need to know what work is due or see how a project is progressing, jumping from board to board can be a real productivity killer. To see all your tasks in one place, you can use the Status Board. 

The Status Board is much like a Master Board, you can pull in tasks from anywhere in the platform. The Team filter options make it the perfect place to run your Weekly WIP, and the Status icon on your Tasks is the simplest way to show what stage your work is in. 

How it works: 

While the Status Board appears as a normal Kanban board with Lists (see image above), these Lists will appear as a Task's Status every where else in the platform. 

Simply assign the Statuses to matching Lists in a Project and all the Tasks will update accordingly. Automation will then make sure any changes you make in the Status Board, will happen in the original board as well. 

See below, I've come into a Project and assigned the status New to the Allocated List, Working on status to the In Progress List and For Approval Status to the Workflow Approval List. Now all the Tasks have those statuses. 

Now when we look at the Status Board, those Tasks appear in their relevant Statuses. 

So when you move a Task in the Status Board from the New list to the Working on List, the Task Status will change and it will also move to the next List. 

This means you'll get instant oversight of your activity without interrupting your regular workflow.

Setting up the Status Board

The first thing you'll need to do is create a flow of Statuses. To do this 

  1. In the Menu select Planning > Status Board
  2. Select the ... next to Status Board
  3. Select Manage Status 

Note: These will appear like Kanban lists on the Status Board and they are universal, so it makes sense to create a work in progress flow that suits your entire organisation. But don't worry, you don't have to use every Status. 

You can change the colour of each status by selecting the arrow dropdown next to the status. 

See how the Statuses above appear on the board below. 

Pulling Tasks into the Status Board 

To get started, you'll need to assign these Statuses to the Lists on your Project Boards. 

  1. Open a Board
  2. Select the ... to edit the Board
  3. Select Automate Task Status

Next, you'll see the Lists in that board appear on the left and a dropdown that allows you to choose the Status you want to map it to. Choose the closest status as possible. 

You don't have to map every list. 

Map your Lists and select Save.

You'll see all the Tasks will now have a Status on it and each List will have a colour next to it to represent which status it is. 

Then, when you come into the Status Board, you'll also see those Tasks in their relevant Status/list. 

Continue doing this for all the Boards you'd like to pull in to the Status Board.

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