Our goal at Cooperate is to make planning and collaborating as seamless as possible, and being able to visualise your work is an important step in the process. 

This applies to every marketer; from the manager wanting fast oversight of the marketing strategy, to the coordinator trying to set their priorities for the day.

The Cooperate team have been working hard to ensure the Calendar gives you increased clarity into where your work stands while enabling your team to move quickly. Our latest features are just the beginning of many exciting things to come. 

So, what's different?

Ready to get stuck in? Check out this help article or contact the Customer Success team for a walkthrough.

It's simple.

You'll find a lot of little differences make a big impact. 

Scrolling through your timeline, drop downs on individual projects and switching between views in a single click, all allow your team to work seamlessly. 

And every time you leave the Calendar, we'll keep your place. Filters, views and groups will stay however you left them, unless you log out of the platform completely.

Your entire marketing plan at a glance. 

Grouping allows you to choose how you view Projects and Tasks, Filtering allows you to choose what you want to view. 

If you want to see just your Team's tasks: Group by Team Members then use the filter to select the specific members from your team. 

If you want to see every Project that's Live in the Australian Market: Group by Market, filter the Market to Australia and then add another filter of Live Projects. 

It's the perfect way to present your marketing plan - bye, bye excel. 

Manage workload. 

There is no denying that seeing all your priorities in one place simply creates a feeling of calm. All hail the to-do list! 

Now, the Calendar writes that list for you.  

Tasks span across their start and end date, so you can get immediate insight into who's working on what, ensure work is evenly distributed and that you’re completing your goals. 

It's also the perfect way to prove you're at capacity (I'm looking at you, design). 

Full List of New Features

Projects and Tasks 

  • Tasks reflect start to end date
  • View Task Status on Cards
  • See live period for Projects
  • Combine Projects & Tasks on the same rows
  • Open Projects to see their Tasks 
  • Create Projects from within the Calendar 
  • Task indicator in Project view
  • Swap between Card and Project view at any time

Views and Timeline 

  • See dates in Monthly view
  • Timeline scroll
  • Save Views - includes Filter, Time Period, Card Options, Grouping 
  • Jump to Today at any time

Grouping and Filters

  • New grouping sidebar
  • No grouping option
  • A new filter pattern 
  • Group and filter without needing to save the view
  • Ability to expand/close Projects individually
  • Ability to group by Project & filter by Brand/Market/Products by Quarter & Year
  • Filter by Task Status 


  • Calendar will open to your last view (unless you logout) 
  • Tasks update without needing a refresh
  • Improved load times

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