Cooperate’s Marketing Calendar helps marketers effectively manage their team’s workload, create better alignment and ensure projects are delivered on time. 

You can see all your work in Cooperate reflected in the Calendar with the ability to drill down on each of your marketing activities to see what is happening across Channels, Brands, Teams and more. 

What can I use the Calendar for?

The Calendar is designed to help marketers get organised and stay on track to complete their goals, but it can also be used to accurately reflect your marketing plan and strategy. 

Calendar Basics 

In the Calendar, you'll be able to oversee Projects, Tasks and Creative all in the one place as long as they have a date attached.


You can view the timeline across a Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly view. Choose your timeframe from the bottom right of the Calendar. 

The Calendar has a scrollable timeline, which you can move with a mouse or the arrows on the bottom left of the Calendar. 

Alternatively, you can jump to a specific Month or Year using the date selector. 

Just select Today at anytime to jump back to the current date. 

Cards vs Project view

You can see your work in the Calendar in two ways - Projects or Just Cards. Cards are simply the Calendar's view of Tasks. 

You can do this by toggling on/off the Just Cards view at the bottom of the Calendar. 

Project view: 

Just Cards view: 


Projects with a set timeframe will span across their relevant dates. If they have a live period, this will be reflected as a grey box within that project.

BAU Projects will span indefinitely across the Calendar and are ordered at the bottom of the Project list, underneath those with a timeframe. 

Numbers that show on a Project are a representation of the Tasks. All Tasks in a Project will show on their due date, you can hover over these to see what the Tasks is. 

Opening a Project

When you click on a Project in the Calendar, you can see more information including: 

  • Project Dates 
  • If it's Live, Delayed or On Track 
  • Any Tasks within the Project

It will drop down if there are Tasks within that Project. 

You can also Create a Project straight from the Calendar  by selecting the + icon in the top right of the Calendar. 

Cards and Tasks 

You can see your Tasks on the Calendar in two ways:

1. In the Project view, select a Project. This will drop down and show any Tasks within that Project.

2. Toggle on the Just Cards view 

Card display details

You can choose what information the Cards display. To do this:

  1. Select the ... icon 
  2. Select Card Display Details
  3. Toggle on/off the details you do/don't want to see 

Updating a Task in the Calendar 

In the Calendar you can make changes to any Task as you normally would in a Project. 

Either through the Fast Task option (hover over a Task and select the .... icon.)

Or by opening the Task.

 Creating a Task straight from the Calendar 

  1. Select the + icon in the top right of the Calendar
  2. Select Task
  3. Choose the Project you would like the Task to live in
  4. Create a Task as you normally would in a Project 
  5. Select Create Task
  6. You will need to refresh the page to see the Task 


Grouping refers to the way the Calendar groups Projects and Tasks in the left panel.
You can group by:

  • Team Members
  • Project Types
  • Brands
  • Markets
  • Products
  • Personas
  • Channels


While grouping allows you to choose how you view Projects and Tasks, filters help you get specific about what you want to view. 

For example: If you want to see just your Team's tasks: Group by Team Members then use the filter to select the specific members from your team. 

If you want to see every Project that's Live in the Australian Market: Group by Market, filter the Market to Australia and then add another filter of Live Projects. 

You can also save these views, which makes it great for WIPs and Team Meetings. 

You can add as many filters as you like, these are: 

  • Team Member
  • Team
  • Task Status 
  • Project Type
  • Customer Journey Stage
  • Priority
  • Projects
  • Channels
  • Brand
  • Persona
  • Market

Creating a Filter in the Calendar 

  1. Select + Add Filter 

Or select the Filter icon

2. Select a Filter from the dropdown

3. You can choose to either Include or Exclude from the drop down menu

For example: You may want to just see  Brand X and Y, so you would choose to include X and Y. Or, you might want to see every brand except for Brand Z, so you would choose to exclude Brand Z 

4. Once you've chosen your filter select Add

5. The Calendar will add the filter straight away, you can continue adding more filters 

Saving a Filter 

If you often use a specific filter it might be a good idea to save it. To do this:

  1. Create your filter 
  2. Select Save Filter
  3. Saved filters will appear in the Saved dropdown 
  4. If you or your team have a lot of filters, you can favourite popular ones to find easier.

Note: Saved filters are not specific to users. Any filter you save will appear in the Saved  for your entire team. 

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