Grouping refers to the way the Timeline groups Projects and Tasks in the left panel.
You can group by:

  • Team Members
  • Project Types
  • Brands
  • Markets
  • Products
  • Personas
  • Channels

How to Group in the Timeline:

  1. Select any timeline Workspace
  2. Under the description of the Workspace, select the No Grouping dropdown
  3. Click this expansion arrow and choose a grouping option


While grouping allows you to choose how you view Projects and Tasks, filters help you get specific about what you want to view. 

For example: If you want to see just your Team's tasks: Group by Team Members then use the filter to select the specific members from your team. 

If you want to see every Project that's Live in the Australian Market: Group by Market, filter the Market to Australia and then add another filter of Live Projects. 

You can add as many filters as you like, such as: 

  • Team Member
  • Team
  • Task Status 
  • Project Type
  • Project Status
  • Priority
  • Channels
  • Brands
  • Market

Filtering in the timeline view

  1. Select from a Popular filter at the top or to see more options select more filters
  2. Select a filter from the dropdown

3. You can choose to include or exclude the filter

4. Tick the ones you want to add

5. Select Add

6. If you want to save this filter to your Workspave - ensure you select Save Updates

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