New Asset Manager Filters

The Asset Manager has been updated with a new filter pattern to match your Projects, All Tasks and Calendar.

This makes finding your Assets simple and fast, with less need for manual organisation. You can use all the standard asset filters, with the addition of

  • Uploaded by
  • Date Added
  • Asset Type
  • Projects
  • Custom Fields

Save Filters

You can save filters to come back to at any time.

To do this:

  1. Add a filter/s
  2. Select Save Filter
  3. Name your filter
  4. To keep the filter private, toggle on Private
  5. Or to keep the filter available to everyone, just select Save
  6. You can also Favourite filters (these are user based)

Streamline your Marketing Operations with Templates

You can now create a Project Template of your own, or use one of ours! This makes campaigns, events and any other process a breeze.

To Create your own Template:

  1. Select Templates from the left menu
  2. Select + New Template
  3. You can either create one from scratch by selecting Blank Project or
  4. Select one of our Templates that you can customise
  5. Create your Template!

Any Template you create or edit in this Templates area, will then appear as an option for your team members to use when they create a new Project.

Any changes you make to a Template will update automatically.

Note: If you can't see Templates in your menu, you may not have permission. In which case you'll need to contact your account manager.

Project related Asset Section

You'll notice all your Projects have an Asset section. This allows you to view all Assets that are linked to a Task within that Project. Which is perfect for keeping an eye on all your Campaign Assets.

You can also upload Assets straight into this area, by selecting + Add Assets. They will also save into the Asset Manager.

Note: Attachments on Tasks will not show in this section.

Card Display Details on Projects

As with Calendar and All Tasks, you can choose what information your Tasks display on the board view in your Projects.

To choose this:

  1. Open a Board on a Project
  2. Select the ... icon on the right of the board
  3. Select Card Display Details
  4. Toggle on/off the information you want Tasks to show in the board view

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

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