The Cooperate asset manager can handle the below file sizes and types:


All the common image types are usable in the asset manager including JPG, PNG and many others.

Upload Limit for Images: 300 MB

Maximum Transform Size: 300 MB

Maximum Image Megapixel Size: 50 megapixels


The common video types can be processed in the Cooperate asset manager including .Mov, .mp4 and many others. If you have specific needs please contact support via the small chat icon below with your file type needs.

Maximum Video Size: 2.93 GB

Maximum Manipulation size: 300 MB

Maximum Total Frame Megapixels: 300 megapixels

Documents & Other Files

The asset manager can handle many other file types - PDFs, Microsoft docs, and others.

Maximum File Size for Upload: 1.95 GB

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