How to use the Table view

The table view allows you to see your tasks in a simple grid type view and group by multiple elements. This is also the only way to bulk edit tasks. This makes task management simple and easy.

With table view you can:

  • Group Tasks by: Status, Due dates, Priority and Team Member
  • Sort Columns by: Date, Assignee, Status, List, Group and Project
  • Bulk Updates to tasks: Update Due Dates, Labels, Priority, Status, Assignees.

Grouping Tasks

Grouping allows you to organise Tasks in ways that are meaningful to the job you're trying to do. You can group by:

  • Due Date
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Team Member

To do this:

  1. Select the Group by dropdown under the Title
  2. Select any of these options

Sorting Tasks

Sorting allows you to sort the tasks by certain columns in the list view.

You can sort by these columns:

  • Date
  • Assignee
  • Status
  • List
  • Group
  • Project

To do this:

  1. Hover over one of the columns listed above in the list view
  2. A green circle will appear
  3. Select the green circle to order

Updating Multiple Tasks

You can Bulk update Tasks in the list view. The updates you can make in bulk include:

  • Status
  • Timeline
  • Assignees
  • Priority
  • Extend due date by X days
  • Move
  • Duplicate
  • Delete

Hint: Use filters to find the exact Tasks you'd like to update and then Select All

To update in bulk:

  1. Hover next to a task until the selection circle appears
  2. Select the circle

3. To select all the Tasks in the view, select the top circle. Or simply select one by one

5. Once you've selected the tasks you want to update, select Update Tasks

6. Choose from any of the updates you'd like to make

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