What is a Project and what is a Workspace?

A Project is where you organise and plan all of the tasks related to a specific campaign, activity or a big piece of work.

A Workspace allows you to see Tasks from across multiple Projects, in one place.

Why do I need a Project?

You need to create Projects for your specific marketing activities and campaigns.

This allows you to set information on Projects such as their timelines, brands and channels it relates to and the team working on the Project. As well as creating all the Tasks relevant to those activities. To create a Task, it will need to live on a Project.

You can create Projects with multiple views including Kanban, Table and Timeline. You can also have a view of the Assets that relate to that Project.

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Why do I need a Workspace?

Most general project management platforms only allow you to view one campaign or project at a time. When you need to get insight on work across multiple campaigns, jumping from project to project can be a real productivity killer.

You can create a Workspace and choose what Tasks you want to see. Any updates you make to Tasks in the workspace, will also update on its original Project.

You can create a personal workspace that is only visible to you, or a team workspace, that is visible to your entire marketing team.

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Example 1: Getting oversight of my work

I have multiple campaigns and projects running in Cooperate, but I just want to see the Tasks that are specific to me.

I can create a Workspace using the table view and add a filter that includes only the Tasks I have been assigned to.

I can then save this Workspace into 'My Workspaces', so that I can quickly come back to this view at any time.

I can then work on these Tasks, without having to go into each individual Project.

Example 2: I want to run a WIP for the video team

As the content manager, I know that the video team have been briefed on a few different projects. I want to run a WIP with the video team and assign the new briefs to whoever has capacity.

I'll create a new Kanban Workspace and filter by the video team. This brings in all the Video team's tasks that are living on different projects.

I can then see all the new briefs in the "New Briefs" list. Using this Workspace, I can run a WIP and see who is free to take on the new jobs and assign it to them.

Example 3: A timeline view of my live campaigns

I want to see all of my live campaigns on a timeline view. I can create a new Timeline Workspace and filter by Project Status is Live.

I can then save this for my team, so we can always quickly see what is currently live in market.

Can I create a Task when I'm in a Workspace?

Yes. You can create a Task in a Workspace, but you will need to choose what Project the task will live on.

If you select the + button in a workspace and select Task, you will be asked which Project the task should live on.

It's important to consider that depending on your workspace filters, the new task you create may or may not appear.

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