Cooperate's sharing capabilities allow you to share Workspaces, Projects views and the Tasks within them, to anyone outside of the platform.

Sharing is done through a simple URL link and anyone with the link can see a view-only version of your work.

This link is also live. Which means, any updates you make to the Workspaces or Projects moving forward, will also update on the shared view.

How to Share

There are two ways to find the share button.

In a Workspace / Project

  1. Open either a Workspace or Project view
  2. Select the share icon - far right of the view OR
  3. Hover over the name of the Project view/Workspace in the nav and select the share icon

This will open a modal with a URL, simply copy this URL and send it out!

Cancelling access to the view

If you no longer want people with the share link to be able to access this view, you can select Refresh on the share modal.

This generates a new link and will prevent any users from using the current link to access the shared view.

FAQ on sharing

What can I share?

You can share Team Workspaces and Project views.

What will they see?

People with the shared link can see a view-only version of your Workspace or Project view. They will be able to see:


  • The Workspace/Project view title
  • Description
  • Lists, columns, groups and their contents
  • Everything in a Task, including comments


  • Title, Description, Task fields
  • Project name, status, create date and time, template name
  • Checklists, attachments, comments

What can people do on the share link?

There are some ways (listed below) that users can interact for viewing purposes, but users cannot update, move or make changes to anything within the view.

Table view

  • Sort columns
  • Open Tasks

Timeline view

  • Scroll infinitely through the timeline
  • Open/close projects to see their Tasks
  • Open Tasks


  • Open Tasks


  • Click between checklists, attachments and comment modals
  • Download attachments

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